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At Freya Fish import B.V. our purchasing and sales team ensures that all products we offer are of the best quality, fresh, untreated and / or processed and caught by sustainable fishing methods. Read more about our service below.

Tuna and more

Tuna is a very well-known delicacy that gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. You can find a lot of tuna on the market, but unfortunately the price-quality ratio is not always what it should be. In addition to that, the growing demand causes overexploitation of the seas and jeopardizes the conservation, quality and sustainability of the species. This becomes painfully obvious when you look at the cheaper alternatives on the markets, of which the origin is often undeterminable. On top of that, a lot of the tuna offered on the market has been defrosted and treated with chemicals to prolong the shelf life and improve the color. We import our yellowfin tuna from Sri Lanka and the Maldives, where our regular supplier ensures we always get the best quality fish. These fish have been processed in compliance with many rigorous quality and hygiene requirements, after which they are readied for transport. Not only the fish, but also the packaging meets these requirements, so that our products are always fresh and of the highest possible quality.

The yellowfin tuna we offer is always freshly imported and we can guarantee our customers that none of our products has been treated to manipulate its color or shelf life.

Of course, tuna is not the only commercially interesting fish living in the tropical waters of the countries from which we import our products. In fact, on its way to the Netherlands, the tuna is accompanied by swordfish, mahi mahi, grouper, snapper and parrotfish. This means we can import virtually every fish our customers request.

In addition to our assortment of fish, we also import various species of shellfish, like crawfish, lobsters, scallops and suchlike. Our procurement team arranges for every customer to get what they want for a good price.

In response to the demand for fish caught in the North Sea, we also offer codfish, wolffish, coalfish and sea bass, which we buy directly at the fish auction.

As a company we challenge ourselves to provide every single customer with the product they request, at the best quality and a competitive rate.



Freya Fish Import B.V. mainly imports fresh tuna, swordfish and all kinds of exotic fish. In addition to this fish from international waters, we also receive daily fresh fish from the North Sea, as we are directly at the IJmuiden exit.

The products of Freya Fish are divided into 3 categories; Tuna, Worldwide and North Sea.


Freya Fish Import B.V. is your specialist in the import of fresh tuna, swordfish and all kinds of exotic fish with a clear focus on quality and sustainability, directly located at the junction of IJmuiden.

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